A mystery has settled over Washington, D.C. The Office of National Drug Control Policy named its new director (a position commonly referred to as Drug Czar), and the new director is… some guy virtually nobody knows anything about. Jim Carroll was announced to the position of ONDCP deputy director on Friday, and will serve as acting director until the Senate confirms the position at a later date, according to CNN.

What CNN does not include in their piece on the appointment is a photo of Jim Carroll. Nor, for that matter, did Leafly or any other mainstream news outlet reporting on the story. They couldn’t find one. Here’s what we do know about Carroll: According to CNN, he is a “White House lawyer who quietly became one of chief of staff John Kelly’s deputies late last year.” According to Leafly, before that, he worked as general counsel at the Office of Management and Budget last November.

We don’t know anything about his policy or drug experience before that (in fact, we’re not sure if he’s had any at all). Previous to his new career in government, Carroll worked in several capacities for the Ford Motor Company, including a position as the company’s counsel in Washington, DC, according to the Washington Post.

There are a lot of Jim Carroll’s out there. So many, in fact, that there is at least one of them with a whole lot of drug experience. The author Jim Carroll wrote the memoir The Basketball Diaries based on his experiences as a heroin addict in the New York of the 1960’s. The book became a cult classic and was adapted into a 1995 film which helped launch the acting careers of both Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Wahlberg.

But that Jim Carroll died nine years ago, so it’s not him. This Jim Carroll likely has less drug experience, but, on the plus side, the bar for him is set very low. Depending on who you count, Carroll will be the fourth, fifth, or sixth acting drug czar appointed in the thirteen months since the Trump Administration settled into Washington. His predecessor as acting director, a 24-year old former Trump campaign worker, stepped down after it was revealed that his resume was rife with inaccuracies. Before that, Pennsylvania Rep. Tom Marino was withdrawn from consideration for the position after a report was released describing his efforts as a lawmaker to make it easier for pharmaceutical companies to distribute opioids across the country.

Given all the fuckups going on in his department, not to mention in the Chief of Staff’s office, which he just left, we can’t blame Carroll for not wanting his picture out there. If things go south, he can always just tell people he’s that junky author who Leo played.