In the District of Colombia, initiative 71 has recently legalized recreational marijuana but failed to set up a system by which it would be supplied and regulated by government dispensaries. Citizens can now carry up to two ounces of weed, grow plants on their property and trade with others, but nobody seems to really know where to get marijuana in the first place.

Many citizens were expecting DC weed culture to change to that of Colorado, showing up at medical marijuana dispensaries, only to be told that they needed a medical marijuana card to shop there. Many medical marijuana dispensaries in DC have actually put signs up in their windows now, because they are not allowed to sell weed for recreational purposes.

Initiative 71 was essentially bought in to allow residents to grow their own marijuana, the city is a little lost without a strict set of rules. Experts predict that marijuana users will be a little put off by the time, money and energy it takes to grow marijuana in their backyard. While marijuana cultivation is extremely popular in California and always has been, it’s hasn’t really taken off in Colorado and isn’t expected to take off in DC either. It’s like beer – many people enjoy drinking it, but far fewer will put the time and energy into brewing it.

Alex Jeffry, director of DC NORML says he wants to teach and encourage DC residents to cultivate and trade their own weed, making the most of initiative 71. He wants weed culture in DC to become so powerful that the hand of congress is forced into changing federal weed laws. New cultivation methods are making things easier and easier for even those people with no growing experience to cultivate their own good quality weed. A self-contained grow unit called Root makes this possible. “I want to put one of these in every residence in DC,” Jeffrey said of Root.

Unfortunately, the way things stand in DC now means that the only way to get your hands on weed is to know a grower or just call your old standby weed dealer.