Maybe everything changed in the world of California weed this year with it being all legal and shit now, but up at this year’s NorCal Cannabis Cup, it’s still the nineties. One look at the headliners poster for this weekend’s event brings about images of schwag-packed bongs and lava lamps.

The headliners for this year’s festival are Phil Lesh (you know, the guy from Phish–his name even kind of looks like “Phish”) and Sunday night, at the close of festival, everyone can nod out after a few dozen dabs to the soothing sounds of Blues Traveller giving them the “Runaround.” Lesh and Blues. Other performers at the cup will included the Animal Liberation Orchestra and R&B singer Miguel.

It might make sense for the Humboldt County demographic to court mellower fair, but it’s certainly a stark contrast to some edgier performances at recent cannabis cups. (What? Northern California hippies didn’t want to have their lives threatened by Lil Wayne?) NorCal does have a couple of hip-hop acts, and they are decidedly un-edgy, though still cool.

On Sunday, 90s favorite Arrested Development will be bringing the noise and on Saturday another blast from the past, G. Love & Special Sauce will serenade the mellow stoners of the Emerald Triangle.

The NorCal Cannabis Cup is being held today and tomorrow at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California. It is one of three High Times Cannabis Cups scheduled for the next 6 weeks, including the grandmammy of them all, Cannabis Cup Amsterdam, and next week the Cannabis Cup Michigan. Michigan’s festivities will include a decidedly different lineup with Ludacris and Lil Wayne. Will Weezy threaten to shoot the crowd? Or will he just insult them and walk off the stage mid-set? I’m sure the High Times contract lawyers are waiting with bated breath to find out.

Photo via Flickr user Stephan Ravn