North Carolina’s House Committee has rejected a proposal to legalize medical pot. The emotional hearing that ended with a person stating that he was assaulted by a weed advocate. House Bill 78 is a symbol of the most progress that any proposal has ever made in the NC assembly. 2 years ago, a bill was directed to the committee, where Republican leaders let four people speak. After hearing what they had to say, the House cut off the discussion and completely shut down the bill.

This hearing took place in the state’s Judiciary I Committee and over 12 people spoke out. Some advocates vowed to move to another state and one person was even detained by police after an officer stated that he was struck in the back. No charges were pressed and the assailant was released after he wrote an apology letter, which makes the cop sound pretty cool actually.

Before the vote happened, many medical marijuana users asked the House members to legalize it. Some of these people were military veterans and others were members of the Republicans against Marijuana Prohibition. The House stated that they would only make the drug legal for those who suffer from a debilitating health condition. Opponents have said that by doing this, you could be paving the way for legalization in full. Many people are worried that this would turn North Carolina into a state like Colorado, where pot can be found and purchased in a number of stores – and also would, like Colorado, make the state rich with weed money.

Those who do support medical marijuana have said that they will vote for another proposal, that being House Bill 317. This would legalize pot for terminally ill patients who are in a hospice. This bill would have the same sponsors and it would also be taken to the Judiciary I Committee.