One surprising fact about the totalitarian government of North Korea, which is currently threatening to destabilize the whole of global civilization, is that they are pretty much okay with weed. Though the state has harsh drug laws (possession over a certain amount is reportedly punishable by death), it does not consider marijuana to be a drug. North Koreans openly grow weed in their gardens, pick buds that grow wild, and smoke spliffs in public, according to a report from VICE.

One other surprising fact about the North Korean government is that it’s using weed as part of its weapon system. Said government has directed its farmers to grow acres of marijuana, and its primary purpose is to create hemp oil fuel for military drones, according to sources who spoke to Radio Free Asia, as reported by UPI.

Back in March an order came down to farmers to replace their soybean crops with cannabis. “The order was for each member of the North Korean Women’s Alliance to plant 33 square meters of marijuana,” the source said.

The reason stated for this new focus on marijuana was that these plants could create 22 pounds of cooking oil and and 22 pounds of animal feed. The state claimed that hemp oil would make for better cooking than soybean oil because “it has a lot of fat.”

But some are disputing the motives of North Korea and claiming (shockingly) that the Kim Jong-un administration is not being completely transparent. A source told RFA that “basically the purpose of planting cannabis is to extract fuel for drones.”

UPI is careful to note that the source did not specify why North Korea would be looking for an alternative fuel source for its drones, and even more careful to note that it was not necessarily having anything to do with recent sanctions against the country for its refusal to disarm itself of nuclear weapons.

After word got to North Korea that China was weighing an oil embargo against the nation, gas prices in Pyongyang shot up 83 percent in a matter of days, as pointed out by the Extract. And North Korea’s drones, like the country’s future, won’t stay above ground on a hope and a prayer. While one survives by untenable threats against world powers, the other apparently stays afloat by burning weed faster than a fire in Snoop Dogg’s mansion.