A medical marijuana center in Southeast Illinois has recently posted a listing for an employment application.

Ataraxia’s Barb Youngs says that the company will hire 30 employees to manage the 50,000 foot Albion facility which will cultivate medical marijuana. According to reports, they have already received well over 100 applicants, some of whom are new to the industry.

The company will provide training in Denver for positions including trim technicians, supervisors and growers. Even though the company plans to hire 30 employees, the huge amount of applicants means that the positions are highly desired, so there is certainly some competition.

Ataraxia was chosen by the state of Illinois to participate in the four-year pilot program, which will be overseen by The Illinois Department of Agriculture.

Interested parties can visit the group’s booth at Frontier Community College’s April 1st Job Fair in Fairfield.