Ronald Reagan must be spinning in his grave. A legal, legit cannabis kids club has opened up in California, the state he once presided over as Governor. Turns out a lot of parents and medical professionals want children with severe illnesses like epilepsy to “Just Say Yes” to getting better.

Jayden’s Journey, a dispensary in Modesto, caters especially to the needs of child medical marijuana patients. The collective carries 145 varieties of extract, according to its Weed Maps page, many of which are CBD concentrates approved for the use of juveniles.

Jason David, the dispensary’s president, named the collective after his son Jayden, and says that he understands the special needs of a family with a child in need of cannabis oil. “When a child is sick the whole family is sick,” David told Fox 4.

For many parents, he says, it can be the only working cure or a preferable alternative to more conventional treatments. “A quarter million people die a year from pharmaceuticals, the same ones we give our children, and no one says a word,” David said. “If it doesn’t work, throw it away.” On the other hand, for many, “it changes your life like it changes my son’s life.”

One example of this kind of change is Zoe Ridenour, an 8-year-old suffering from ADHD ADD extreme. Before treatment with CBD oil, Zoe was in the depths of a deteriorating mental strain.  “She started getting ticks, crying all the time. At one point, she told me she didn’t want to live anymore,” Zoe’s mother Sherry told Fox.

But in the year and a half since Zoe began her treatment of just a few drops of extract a day, there’s been a world of improvement. “She sleeps. She’s gained weight. She’s happy; she smiles; she laughs,” Sherry said.

The services of Jayden’s Journey have been also indispensable to children suffering from epilepsy, probably the most well known of the childhood afflictions treatable with medical cannabis.

Zya Mao is only 6 months old, but she suffers from epilepsy. Her father Jhoson Mao says that CBD oil is preferable to traditional pharmaceuticals and that he’s already noticed a change in her. “We noticed… she feels present, her eye is not as wobbly as it used to be,” he said.