Once upon a time in the land of anytime before Y2K, if you wanted to grow pot, you’d either have to know somebody who grew themselves and wanted to give you a lesson or get a book from the library. But then the web went world wide and the tube got you’ed and it was a lot easier to learn how-to without even having to ask a living soul. It meant more convenience, more up to date information, and less exposure if the cannabis cultivator in question happened to be less than certified.

But you still had to actually go out into the world to get your grow gear. Not no more. Now 3Dponics, a purveyor of 3D printable gardening goods, released its new 3-part hydroponic set-up plans free for download earlier this week. As long as you can get your seeds delivered along with some food, you need never leave your home again.

3Dponics says they intend the product for growing legal medical marijuana, but there is a potentially applause-worthy advantage it gives cultivators in the regions of this world not yet as enlightened as cheeba-liberated Uruguay or Oregon: some law enforcement agencies track purchase of equipment used for hydroponic set ups while it is much more difficult to track what users 3D print. (That’s the same reason why the 3D gun is worrisome to many.)

If you’re like us, you’re waiting for the moment when you can 3D print complex organic material, then you can print your own weed, your own shatter, your own friends to dab it with, indeed whole universes of dabbers dabbing, indeed you could dab whole universes, vaporizing them with your own 3D-printed suns. You could 3D print slaves to run their own 3D-printed printers and create whole armies of rigs and waxes and universes dying, vaporizing, being reborn, BHO-extracting into existence. Yeah, the future’s going to be tight.

Image via 3Dponics