You can get free weed in Maine if you pick up a sack full of trash first. In what could set a dangerous precedent of exchanging work for weed, which could lead to a nation-wide stoner slave class, a dispensary in Maine has started a program that exchanges litter cleanup work with a gram of crystally nugs, as reported by WCSH 6 and VICE.

Dozens of citizens in Gardiner, Maine who are either very good samaritans or else very desperate for a bag, picked up litter all around the city, and were rewarded for their trouble.

The charity/promotion was the bright idea of Summit Medical Marijuana, a local dispensary. Last week, they started handing out trash bags to people and then making them an offer they can’t refuse: one gram for every full bag of trash.

The move wasn’t just done in the interest of keeping Gardiner spick and span, or promotion. The other motivation for the stunt was the desire to find another way around Maine’s marijuana laws. There is no way to purchase marijuana in the state. You have to either grow your own or receive it as a gift to obtain recreational marijuana.

Summit Medical Marijuana decided to push that idea of gifting as far as it could go. According to the owner Dennis Meehan, he got the idea from observing Colorado marijuana culture. Over near the Rocky Mountains, Meehan saw a pot shop which gave away joints to those who helped with a neighborhood park cleanup, as reported by WMUR. He figured, why not try the same thing?

“A big part of Maine’s marijuana program is making medicine available to people who otherwise may not have been able to afford it,” he told WMUR. “At the end of the day, it isn’t about money. It’s about the need. It’s about the community.”

The plan was a success, at least in the fact that it smoothly depleted Summit, ’s excess buds while giving them a surplus of garbage (their dumpster was almost overflowing). Now they’re expanding the tactic to go statewide, so we’ll soon see just how far Maine potheads will go to get themselves some bud.

Photo via Flickr user Kirt Dankmyer