Maybe it’s a sign that the California Rec Card system is a joke. Maybe it’s a sign that all of American health care is a joke. Or maybe it’s a sign of something else a little more positive…

But you can now get a marijuana recommendation from a licensed doctor over the phone, thanks to those THC tech innovators at Eaze. The cannabis delivery app is now offering a feature called EazeMD that hooks you up with an available doctor for a phone interview. If the doc feels you qualify for a recommendation, you’ll then be issued your electronic rec card via the Eaze platform and you can go on to legally acquire all your medical cannabis needs using the very same app.

According to TechCrunch, the whole endeavor costs $25 and takes only minutes (a lot less money and less time than most 420 docs in California). This is a streamlined version of a service offered by Meadow, a similar app that sent a doctor to make a house call at your place for the same purpose.

It might beg the question: if anyone can get a rec card with an app, doesn’t that prove once and for all that the whole medical marijuana program in California is just a smoke screen to allow any old stoner to puff the day away legally? Well, yes and no. Yes, because the MMJ system is a joke (though one that still helps many patients in need). No, because Telehealth (a real term we didn’t make up that describes getting doctor care, including prescriptions over the phone) is a legitimate service that’s recognized by the medical boards of 28 states.

But that might beg the question: if doctors aren’t even seeing patients in the flesh any more, but just prescribing medicine over the phone, doesn’t that prove once and for all that our entire health care system is a joke. Well, yes and no. Yes, because it is. No, because the population is exploding, hospitals are stretched thin, and the world is changing. One day soon, nanobots will probably just float through our bodies and take out all the fat and cancer, but for now we need more medical care than there is care to give, so give out over the phone or over apps or any other way as long as it can help.

Or, you know get high the day you move to California without having to get off your couch. Either thing is good.


Photo via TheWeedBlog