On a visit to Jamaica this week, President Barack Obama briefly touched upon the legalization of marijuana after fielding questions from local rastafarian “Steppa.”

In his response, the President said we already have two states currently underway with an “experiment” in legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana (though, given the plethora of states with both legalization in place and in development, it’s unclear which two states he’s speaking of).

“I do think that if there are states that show that they are not suddenly a magnet for additional crime, that they have a strong enough public health infrastructure to push against the potential of increased addiction then it’s conceivable that that will spur on a national debate, but that is going to be some time off,” Obama went on to say.

I don’t think it’s a stretch after watching the video to say that the Rastafarian Steppa looked a little condescended to. Rise in crime and addiction? What exactly do those have to do statistically with legalizing weed? Only last week, a study was released showing that crime did not rise after legalization in Colorado.

It’s hard to believe that Obama himself actually believes marijuana use leads to crime and addiction in any concrete way. It all sounds a little like lip service to some conservative middle ground. Essentially, his answer comes out to.,“Well, you know, there’s a lot to consider, so we’ll see.” So really he’s saying nothing.

And even though the bipartisan CARERS Act which would revolutionize federal weed laws in the US is said to be gaining steam, the President said, “I do not foresee, any time soon, Congress changing the law at a national basis.” Hmmmm…