The next best thing to a cannabis-advocating president is one who’s bored by weed. That seems to be the case with our current Commander in Chief Barack Hussein Obama II. When weighing in on the long-gestating lawsuit filed by Oklahoma and Nebraska against Colorado and its weed laws, the Prez’s administration told them to just ignore it.

The gist of the lawsuit is that folks in Oklahoma and Nebraska felt that Colorado’s super-lax marijuana laws had led to significantly increased drug smuggling in its neighbor states. In order to combat the uptick in criminal activity the Okies and the Nebbies had to shell out a load of dough to pay for increased law enforcement.

Of course, they could just legalize pot, which would not only ease up the state’s trooper overtime budget, but also bring in extra tax money for the state. But that solution wasn’t for them. Instead, they filed the lawsuit mentioned above, which sought to force Colorado to re-legalize weed. Colorado then demanded that the Supreme Court throw out the case. And the Supremes, not sure what to do, asked for Obama-lama’s advice.

That advice: fuget about it. Or, more exactly: “The motion for leave to file a bill of complaint should be denied because this is not an appropriate case for the exercise of this Court’s original jurisdiction.” That’s an excerpt from a brief by U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli Jr. of the Justice Department, as reported by the Marijuana Policy Project.

It continues: “Entertaining the type of dispute at issue here — essentially that one State’s laws make it more likely that third parties will violate federal and state law in another State — would represent a substantial and unwarranted expansion of this Court’s original jurisdiction…. Nebraska and Oklahoma essentially contend that Colorado’s authorization of licensed intrastate marijuana production and distribution increases the likelihood that third parties will commit criminal offenses in Nebraska and Oklahoma by bringing marijuana purchased from licensed entities in Colorado into those states. But they do not allege that Colorado has directed or authorized any individual to transport marijuana into their territories in violation of their laws. Nor would any such allegation be plausible.”

In other words, Obama told the Supreme Court not to bother with this shit and he told Nebraska and Oklahoma to quit crying about criminal activity in their state and dealing with it. And then he went back to counting the days until inauguration day 2017.