Things have been going okay for the marijuana industry lately–California and Canada went legal this year and there are more dominoes of dankness ready to fall–so why these ghosts got to come in and fuck our shit up?

On top of running an all cash bankless business, worrying about federal interference, and trying to comply with fluctuating state and municipal laws, the proprietors of the Five Zero Trees in Oregon City, Oregon have to worry about spectral visitors haunting all over the place.

As reported by NBC affiliate WPTV, the store caught some spookiness on their surveillance camera earlier this month.

What did those devious devils get up to? They moved a jar. And a cup. Pretty scary stuff, but if you think you can take it, check out the video below.

“As it happened I kind of felt like someone was standing next to me, like somebody was right here,” said Five Zero employee Andy Gomez.

As WPTV, it’s basically impossible that the footage was doctored, because “as a cannabis shop, that would be against the law.”

Experts and interested parties have lent their interpretation to the paranormal event, many citing the building’s history as a pharmacy over a hundred years ago.

“I feel like it’s the pharmacist because he likes to organize things. I’ll leave it to the ghost hunters,” the shop’s General Manager Samantha Davidson said.

True to her word, Davidson did call up some ghost hunters, who made a startling discovery. After what WPTV called a “full spectrum analysis” the hunters recorded a change in temperature that was “suspect.”

This is not the first time that ghouls and ganja have gone together. Via the Merry Jane, there was a report from the early ‘70s called “On Being Stoned” in which Dr. Charles Tart wrote about the correlation between the sixth sense and the sensimilla. “Either marijuana use affects judgment such that a large number of ordinary experiences are judged to be paranormal, or there is a very high incidence of paranormal phenomena associated with marijuana use, or both,” Tart wrote.