Don’t blame fake news and don’t blame all the wax we’ve been vaporizing. Dabs Magazine, along with several other news sites, made an error reporting on the ballot initiative to decriminalize magic mushrooms in Denver.

Yesterday we wrote that the measure had failed in what we called a “slim margin” of 4%. Today, however, we woke up after a long night of dabbing away our sorrows to find that the measure actually passed by a much narrower margin. In what could fairly called winning by a nose, the ballot squeaked by with 50.56% of the vote.

According to Leafly, which was also fooled by early election results, a surprisingly large number of late voters came and upset the balance. Though these results have still not been certified, pretty much all media outlets across the spectrum, from the snowflake cucks at CNN to the gun-toting hatemongers at Fox News, are reporting the same thing: Denver done legalized shrooms.

They can also pretty much agree that this is a big fucking deal. Denver is the first U.S. city ever to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms. Psilocybin, the active hallucinogen in magic mushrooms, is still illegal at the federal level. It’s also still illegal at the state and city level in Denver, Colorado. It will, however, curb the ability to prosecute anyone for possessing or growing them.

“Our victory today is a clear signal to the rest of the country that Americans are ready for a conversation around psilocybin,” Kevin Matthews, manager of the Decriminalize Denver campaign told NPR. Other similar efforts to dicriminalize psychedelics are currently underway in Oregon and California.