If you are cruising for some fit senior citizens, just follow your nose toward that stench of dank (maybe you’re a fit senior yourself or maybe that’s just your thing–we don’t judge).

A new study found that among Americans 60 and older, those who use cannabis exercise significantly more than those who don’t.

Published this month in the American Journal of Health Behavior, the report found that its 420-friendly subjects exercised more frequently and had a lower body mass index on average, compared to those who do not indulge.

“Although studies have suggested that cannabis may impair psychomotor performance and lung function, cannabis may actually enhance performance in some athletic domains,” wrote the researchers, who hail from the Department of Neuroscience and Psychology at University of Colorado, Boulder.

“It is important to note that the few empirical studies directly testing this association lack external validity, as they have utilized forms of cannabis that are not widely available in modern medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries.”

In other words, some previous studies have claimed that weed makes you worse at exercising, but these studies were conducted with horrible-quality cannabis. In fact, the cannabis was so poor in quality that you can’t find anything like it in legal cannabis markets.

The new study suggests that those who smoke goodweed also exercise more.

You could argue that seniors who are health-conscious might both use cannabis and exercise more, so one activity does not necessarily cause the other. However, the researchers actually looked only at seniors who didn’t exercise much before the study, “sedentary” folks who worked out less than 80 minutes a week. Subjects were monitored for exercise frequency, cannabis use, body mass index, and cardiovascular activity at several intervals during a 16 week period.

“Results of this analysis indicated that compared to older adult nonusers, older adult cannabis users had lower [body mass index] at the beginning of an exercise intervention study, engaged in more weekly exercise days during the intervention, and were engaging in more exercise-related activities at the conclusion of the intervention,” the authors wrote.

So, using weed makes you exercise more. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, anti-pot campaigns.

Photo via Flickr/sue seecof