Not all dab wars are fought at Secret Cups and in the marketplace. A dispute between two extractors is going to court in Oregon.

Last week, Jacob Magley filed lawsuits against 11 business and three individuals for damages suffered when a butane hash oil lab Magley was working in blew up last October. Among the defendants is Higher Level Concentrates, the extraction business in question and its owners William “Chris” West and Jason Alexander Oei.

Magley alleges that Oei caused the fire by, of all things, hitting a rig in the lab. This is a somewhat incredible allegation to be levied against the owner of a certified hash oil extraction company. The explosion at Higher Level is the first ever to be reported at an establishment with a license from the Oregon Health Authority.

While butane explosions are not infrequent in unlicensed extraction labs, the ignition source is usually something a lot less idiotic than a butane torch lit for taking a dab. Astoria’s fire chief did not conclusively know what caused the incident and ruled only that it was “an unknown ignition source in a butane-vapor rich environment.”

Magley suffered burns on 22 percent of his body and West was also hospitalized for his burns from the explosion, but Oei was uninjured.

Magley alleges furthermore that Oei and West never made clear to him how dangerous working with butane gas and thus were negligent in his safety. He seeks a total of $9 million in damages.

Speaking of hash oil extraction, the Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis told the Astorian that, “There’s a right way to do it safely,” but also added that the “process… is really dangerous.” He has called on licensed extractors to be more frequently inspected.

Photo via Andres Rodriguez