An attempted robbery at an unlicensed dispensary in San Bernadino escalated into a gun fight Monday night, resulting in the fatal shooting of a security guard, according to the CBS Los Angeles. Multiple shots were fired at the guard, 25 year-old Anthony Victor Pineda of Chino, who was shot through the torso and died on the scene.

Local police are now looking for two suspects who fled the scene, one of whom was wounded in the gun fight, according to witnesses. A large trail of blood was also found leading from the dispensary.

The collective’s doors were locked when police arrived. “They broke the front glass door . . . and found the victim alone in a back room,” said Sgt. Carl Williams.

Police are trying to gain access to video surveillance footage of the crime, but CBS Los Angeles reports that the dispensary is being less than cooperative, given that dispensaries are illegal in San Bernadino.

This comes just over a week after San Bernadino hosted the SoCal Cannabis Cup, a celebration of the growing legitimacy of the marijuana business and culture. But the event shows that cannabis businesses, maybe because of their complicated relationship with the police, can be a target for thieves. A collective in Upland was the victim of a robbery just two weeks ago.

By Parker Winship
Photo courtesy of LA Times

Parker Winship