The Philippines is requiring a weed bond from the band One Direction. Immigration has asked band members Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik to post bonds worth nearly 5k each, a deposit which will be kept if either are caught using drugs at a concert.

The request is in response to the Anti Drugs Advocate group’s scrutiny of the band, following a video clip of Tomlinson and Malik smoking pot. They were both asked to pay up 200,000 pesos or $4,470 through the producer.

The five man band will continue to perform, though – their next show is the Mall of Asia concert, which is just one of the many steps on their On The Road Again tour. A spokesperson has said that the band won’t be able to perform if the producer doesn’t post the bond before the concert, but according to reports, the bond has already been posted.

The group is particularly concerned about the band’s influence on the Filipino youth. Many people have said that they do want to see the group and their songs, but they don’t want to see them taking any drugs of any kind. Apparently the concert producers have been more than willing to cooperate and they have given the anti drugs group access to monitor the band.

Liam Payne has issued an apology stating that he loves his boys even though things have gone sideways over the past few months. He also apologized, remarking that they are all in their 20’s and they are bound to make mistakes.