As Oregon paves the way for their soon-to-be legal rec status, committees and coalitions are being built to stand as the ruling dick of the law.

Think tanks and sharktanks of the best-built minds for the job. Industry know-hows and business McDucks-in-the-makings crafting the backbone of an industry for a once-taboo cash crop now in vogue and spewing dollar signs. And who better to do the job than those who were once persecuted for taking part in it.

A review of the 15 members selected by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to make up the rule-makers society of all things Orejuana showed a ragtag jumble of some once charged with weedcrimes and other veritable experts on the subject. Think of it as Oregon’s own weed Avengers. Or Guardians. Or Suicide Squad. …Aw shit, somebody stop them before we have another superhero movie on our hands.

The group includes the chief petitioner of the Oregon legal weed front, the founder of a leading clinic, a grower who specializes in hash oil, and a dispensary proprietor from Washington County, to list a few. All those mentioned have some kind of weed-related charge or conviction from a less-enlightened time. And all of them were chosen as to use that experience going forward.

Chris Lyons, appointed head of the committee, said she believes “The more people you have on the committee that understand… the industry in general as its functioned over the past 30 years in this state” is the best course of action without question. “I think having a wide variety of points of view and perspective of background will really help in the long term.”

Let’s hope so, or else we could be looking at another Age of Ultron. And not having seen the film yet, we mean the fear and catastrophe of a robotic uprising, not the much-pooed upon film itself.


Photo from The Dirty Dozen, via MGM