You shouldn’t mix medical marijuana and recreational weed, at least according to a recent statement from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which insists that the products must be sold and tracked separately.

A document released by the OLCC specifies that retail marijuana shops should not sell recreational pot in the same location where medical pot is also sold because medical bud is unregulated until it arrives at the dispensary. Since Oregon’s medical growers don’t need to obtain a license in the same way that dispensaries do, their products are not tracked using the same system. Recreational pot, however, is tracked from seed to sale.

Though voters approved medical marijuana in 1998, users feelings about laws and policies vary. Typically, medical users value privacy highly, which isn’t too important to recreational smokers, according to Clinic Owner Alex Rogers.

Oregon dispensary owners Aviv Hadar and Jeremy Kwit have said that they don’t have a problem with a tracking system on medical marijuana, and report that the tracking system is very simple and easy to use.

Other dispensary owners, like Rogers, insist that the law works fine as it is and worry about the substance being too closely monitored.