Recreational marijuana was legal to possess as of July 1st, but the actual sticky slanging wasn’t designated to begin until late 2016. However, it looks like Governor Kate Brown just remembered that there’s actually no reason to wait a year. So, she signed a newly drafted piece of paper and voila, starting October 1, anybody over 21 can stroll on down to their local weed shop and purchase up to a quarter of an ounce per day.

Even better news for those who made it to the end of Oregon Trail: there’s going to be a grand opening sale of sorts commerce. While the market is opening come October of this year, there is no legislation for taxing cannabis until 2017, which means consumers will forego the eventual 25% sales tax for the first three months of legal purchasing.

This decision isn’t just good for bud-lovers on a budget, it also helps establish the legal market’s dominance over the black market – as price would be the main reason to go on the DL for your OG.

The new bill “is a smart solution to a short-term logistical problem,” Gov. Brown’s spokeswoman Kristen Grainger told The Huffington Post. “Oregon’s new recreational marijuana law went into effect in July 2015, but Oregonians couldn’t lawfully buy it anywhere for another year or more. If marijuana is legal to use, it shouldn’t be illegal to buy.”