Lawmakers in Salem, Oregon are currently trying to revise arson law so that extractors who blow up their operation are subject to 1st or 2nd degree Arson charges. This would mean a Measure 11 offense and serious prison time.

According to a Fox Affiliate KPTV, Salem has recently seen explosions in hotels, homes and even the bathroom of a 76 gas station. Last year, ten people ended up in area hospital Legacy Emanuel’s burn unit.

Though it’s mostly the dabbers cooking up the extracts who get scorched, civilians have also been injured, including a child. In November 2013, an 87-year-old woman died trying to escape a dabsplosion in her Bellevue, Washington apartment complex.

Keizer Deputy Police Chief Jeff Kuhns says it’s a “scary situation” and that, even though no one has died yet, he is worried about extraction-explosions in Oregon.

KPTV also spoke to extractor Tory Ricardi, whose business Mountaintop supplies extracts to local dispensaries. When asked about the recent explosions, Ricardi said he has been extracting for years, and that his company had only been involved in one fire.

The extractor also said the process is dangerous and should be left to professions such as himself. Ricardi is currently building a spark free system to further prevent fires.

Extraction is still very much a grey area in Oregon law, and some law enforcement officials like Kuhns see these recent extraction-explosions as symptomatic of larger problems with recreational marijuana legalization.