At one point people thought cannabis was a citrus plant.

Not really. But over the years, our favorite skunky little friend has gone through change after change of classification and categorization by the minds tasked with just such tasks. Why, you may ask, has it been so difficult for the botanical team builders of the past and present to nail down what and who weed actually is? Well, for starters, the classification of any of this type of stuff can be quite difficult. And gruelling. Especially in the 17 and 1800s.

To discover what makes up a plant, and then what makes up another, and then what similarities the makeups of this plant and that plant have to then compare to this other plant. Even just typing it out becomes a chore. So hundreds of years of testing and prodding, then redoing with better technology or technique, and redoing again with the same changes– it all becomes much clearer how unclear things could get.

Where marijuana was once considered a sister to the hop family, then figs, it is now most commonly believed that the closest sister plant to good, old sour diesel and granddaddy purp is the nettle. In large, nettles and cannabis are members of a greater genus. And this was discovered by way of researching the parasites and insects found on the two plants.

Still, this methodology may not be perfect. In fact, it is definitely not. And hopefully more so down the line, more intricate and specific ways of detailing details will allow for a deeper understanding of what’s going on.

Earliest gauges we have of human interaction with the plant date back to the dawn of the Neolithic age in central Asia. Whether it was used in ways similar to the now is neither here nor there, some would say yes, others no. What is known is that imagery and the earliest written records of culture all seem to have some pinky toe dipped in the cannabis cup. And the dragon has three heads. So is it really so hard to believe that weed was a known-of and oft-used stimulant of our oldest ancestors?

It shouldn’t be. Because more likely than not, it was. And whether you take ancestor to mean the first humanoid, or our animal brethren and sistren, it doesn’t matter, because a little research will show you anipals like to get down, too.