Let us take a great journey back in time and follow the birth and origins of Bubba Kush. Learn more about this amazing strain of marijuana.

The Amazing Story of Pre 98′ Bubba Kush

When hear about Kush, we instantly jump back to 1970s and the Hindu Kush which finally found its place in America. The strange name is actually from a mountain range located in both Afghanistan and northern Pakistan. However, in this article we will not take a tour around Asia, but go straight down to Florida and meet some stoners and growers to learn about their extraordinary story.

Who or What in the World is Bubba?

Well, it’s time to meet the curious person and a long time breeder named Bubba. If you wonder about his name, it’s not just a random name given to rednecks in Florida – it’s more like a nickname given to him by his closest friends. But what is the connection between Bubba and the so-called strain of Kush? Of course, it’s no coincidence that the names are similar. He is one first to know this exceptional sort of marijuana, but his memories are not very clear due to several reasons. Mostly smoking Kush for more than 20 years.

The Story of Bubba Kush is Finally Coming to Light

It all began in 1990 when Bubba was still in the University of Florida having wonderful time with his roommate. His companion was deeply involved in cannabis growing and breeding. He taught Bubba a lot about crossing strains. But the most important thing is that they have managed get their hands on an exceptional bag of weed. The pot came from some mutual friends by chance and luckily, it contained a couple of seeds. They started to grow and once the crop was ready, well, it surely needed a suitable name. Again by chance they decided to name it Kush without realizing that there is already a strain with the same name. In time the Kush had been crossed many times with various sorts.

The story continues on a trip to Mardi Gras where Bubba found in his possession some seeds from Humboldt Country. Naturally, he planted them all and by the time for the first crop, he came up with the name for this strain – Bubba. In the next few years, our hero continued to grow both the Kush and the Bubba.

The real deal happened in LA where Bubba headed next. He moved in to a small apartment in Silver Lake with a friend of his. A secret garden was all set up in no time, but the tiny place was not that good for the Kush and they have decided to take drastic measures. The Bubba strain had to go…

And then again the fate smiled upon them. By chance the Kush had Jurassic Park-ed. It changed seses and pollinated the Bubba. The new seeds were firstly discovered by B-Real from Cypress Hill crew who came by to get some weed. A new era for cannabis growing has began with the birth of the pre 98′ Bubba Kush.

Parker Winship