The nature of dab culture sometimes makes it hard to look business professional and like a genuine part of the scene at the same time. If the branding goes too far into dabby street art and lingo then a company can look like a bunch of punk weed dealers who decided to blast in their mom’s backyard. But if an operation looks corporate professional then it can smell of bullshit, some fake fool trying to shoehorn them self into an exploding business without knowing what it’s all about.

But the Healing Alchemist, an extraction manufacturer, consulting firm, and lab equipment builder based out of Arizona, stands comfortably between those two camps. Their own name brand wax can be found at the Herbal Wellness Center in Phoenix, where their product, whether it be a Bubba Sky shatter or cake batter, is known for playful experimentation with process and a constant striving for excellence.

Run by a medical professional with pharmaceutical experience, and based on a personal love and obsession with concentrates, the company is neither too business-like to endear the average wook nor too rough around the edges to earn business respectability.

We chatted briefly with owner and operator Anthony about persistence, letting wax drive you crazy, and the government’s place in the future of extracts.

Dabs Magazine: Can you explain what exactly your company does and you service extraction companies?

Anthony: We offer several services. We started by offering extraction processing. We have since been signed exclusively with a state licensed dispensary in AZ so we supply them, other facilities in AZ. We also offer consultation on extractions, we do custom lab builds, we have recently expanded into custom closed loop machines as well. We offer all types of extractions from bho to solvent free

What was the biggest obstacle you’ve faced as a business and how did you get past it?

I was told by the first dispensary I worked for to shut my business down. I refused, was fired, and made it my mission to prove this company could be as successful as I knew it could be.

When did you start to feel like you were really good at this?

In 2010 I started to truly think I needed to leave my pharmacy career and pursue this full time.

When did you know that you loved extracts?

From the moment I tried them. The feeling was so intense, so clean, so unlike anything else I had tried before. I had to know more.

150608 thin mint shatter

Healing Alchemist’s Thin Mint Shatter

Where do you think your business will be in 5 years?

The forefront of Arizona. I want to be helping patients and the caregivers of Arizona and all over the nation to make and to provide the best medicine possible. Constantly experimenting with new techniques and advancing the field.

If you had a career in another industry, what would it be?

Still the medical field. Still making medicine in some fashion.

What was the first time you got high like?

From concentrates unlike anything I had ever had. It was so intense. My nausea and pain was at such a low level. I had to understand more. It forced me to research more and more.

What do you wake up in the morning thinking about?

Lol extracts, I wake and go to bed thinking about extracts. It drives me crazy at times. 11pm the other night I was researching vacuum pump specifications to my ovens lol. It’s an addiction.

150608 Healing Alchemist

Drawing by Ophelia Shiu

Who is your favorite non-affiliated extractor in the game right now?

Bizzy bee. He’s who I look up to the most. Truly in it for the science.

What’s the most important question facing the cannabis business right now?

Legalization and the government intervention. The best thing they can do is let us handle it. We know the medicine, the patients, the market. They don’t.

What’s your favorite wax that you make or have made?

Cake Batter all day!

150608 cake batter

Healing Alchemist’s Cake Batter

All photos from the Healing Alchemist’s IG