All of our loyal Pakistani readers should prepare to get bummed out. You’re going to be a little over 3 metric tons short on your hash supply after a major bust by the country’s Anti-Narcotics Force.

Several sources, including Pakistan Today, International News and our esteemed competitors at High Times, are reporting that the raid was conducted in the “desolate site”  in the Balochistan province near the border of Afghanistan.

But for Pakistani hash fans there is a silver lining to be found in the cloud of smoke presumably billowing from wherever the ANF burns their narcotic contraband. As Bill Wienberg of High Times pointed out, the findings of the raid indicate a new major producer in Pakistan.

Some news outlets refer to the hashish discovered by agents as “garda,” which is most accurately translated as “dust,” meaning kief. Since the kief was yet to be forged into hashish, Weinberg argues that this signals a local manufacturing operation as opposed to the hash importation from Afghanistan that has been seen in the past.

So, it’s possible that Pakistan’s new hashish empresarios (assuming they’re not ruined by the recent raid) could be pumping a pipeline of hash to the country’s hashaholics. Reports say the ANF was acting on a tip when they took down the hash operation. Could it have been Afghans threatened by the new peddlers moving in on their territory? Probably not, but who knows? What are you asking us for?