Whether you love them or you think they’re just OK, you got to hand it to Pax for running just about the best marketing in town when it comes to weed vapes. They got what few vape companies have, the love of the mainstream media. According to the company’s website, Forbes called their product, “luxury, sleek and stylish,” and Mashable gave them the nice soundbite, “the Rolls-Royce of vaporizers. Even the Broad City ladies sport the Pax 2, giving them some nice international product placement.

So, we’ll see if the brand can repeat their gold standard image with their new products, the Pax 3 and Pax Era, which for the first time allows the company to dabble in dabs. The Pax 3 is, of course, the successor to the Pax 2. It lets the user switch between flower and extracts, whatever tickles their fancy at the time. That is handy, but Mashable warns that sometimes the wax “leak out as it heats.” Not the worst glitch in the world, but for a vape pen that costs $274.99, you might want to avoid spilling expensive hot concentrate all over yourself or your clothes.

The Pax Era is a significantly cheaper device that exclusively vaporizes concentrates. The Era goes for $59.99, but, In an Apple-ish move, it only uses its own unique form of cartridges. Called Pax Pods, these bad boys go for $40 a pop, so they better be some fire stuff. Give them points for bold business savvy, but minus points for being un-user-friendly and also lame.

Both new devices synch up with the Pax Vapor App, a thing that is supposed to be available soon-ish, according to the company’s website. What exactly the app will due is a little foggy, but, according to the company, it will allow the user to, “set an exact temperature and find the perfect heat setting for you. Get mellow flavor at a lower setting and a stronger, more intense taste at a higher one.” Don’t know why you’d need an app to do that, but we’ll find out soon enough. The app will also apparently allow you to lock the vaporizer like a phone and also update the device with “the latest software.” It’s probably mostly a toy to play with when you’re dabbed out, but that’s not such a bad thing.

Other improvements to the Pax 3 over the previous model are faster heating (15 seconds), faster charging (full battery in 60 minutes), and a nice little vibrator that tells you when the gizmo is good to go.


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