Peru is joining the club of the 420-friendly nations. The South American country released its regulations for a national medical marijuana program last week.

Though the country technically legalized MMJ in 2017, there hasn’t actually beenany legal medical cannabis in the country because government officials have taken their time rafting some laws to govern the whole thing.

Now that regulations have finally been announced, Peruvians can go about the business of getting them some weed licenses. There will be licenses for production, seed production, wholesale, retail sale, and importation. 

The first product for importation has already been approved: hemp-derived CBD from the U.S./Peru transnational company Anden Naturals.

However, the government still hasn’t figured out how it wants to regulate exportation. 

“While there are always more details that regulators need to figure out, these guidelines represent the initial building blocks that will allow Peru to create a framework for companies to start capitalizing on different businesses opportunities, joining the global cannabis industry,” Andrés Vázquez Vargas, the executive director of agricultural consulting firm ACM Peru, told MJ Biz Daily.

“The long-awaited guidelines just published allow businesses to really start having meaningful operations in the country,” he added.

One other area that has left some cannabis advocates program is restrictions on home grows. Licenses are only being issued for businesses, not to individual patients or caregivers.

“This law was meant to help us but I’m worried that it could do the opposite,” Ana Álvarez, the leader of a Peruvian pro-MMJ group told High Times. “We are not well-off. How will we be able to afford this medicine if we can no longer make it at home?”