Let’s be real here. The urine drug tests can be a pain because hey, we need favorable drug test results for driving, visas, job application and so many other things. And random tests are very common now in the workplace, especially in safety-sensitive industries like transportation? So many people want to know “How do urine drug tests work?” Let’s answer that question and more:

  1. How do urine drug tests work?

Basically, a urine drug test means you submit your sample to the lab. The technicians there will use various methods to know if you have consumed. Most of the time, a color change will indicate drug use.

  1. How long does it take for drugs to be flushed out of the body to get a negative result?

It depends on the kind of drug and the frequency of use. For casual users, it usually clears up in a matter of days, but for heavy users, the safest bet is 11 weeks to be really in the clear. Here is a list of ranges for reference:

  • Cocaine – 1 to 4 days
  • Heroin – 2 to 4 day
  • Marijuana – 2 days to 11 weeks
  • PCP – 3 to 14 days
  1. Are there ways for users to pass the urine drug test?

The answer is yes, but some work better than others. Here are the different methods:

  • Adding something to your urine

– Do not add any household product because you will get caught (detergent, vinegar, dish soap, and bleach cause irregularities like change in color or bubbles)

– Almost always fails

  • Flush your system of the toxins

– Drink lots of water so you will pee frequently

– Drink a product that helps in “flushing” things from your body

– Using some natural pills and a glass of milk may work too

  • Submitting someone else’s urine

– You have to find a way to keep the sample warm

– Not ideal if someone will be there to watch you pee