It all started out like a normal afternoon in Kentucky for Josh Lewis, the 25 year old pizza delivery man for Spinelli’s Pizzeria.  He didn’t know that arriving to his next location would cause him to be hospitalized after being beaten and stabbed by an unknown male aggressor in his 40’s.  No details have been given yet about why or what caused this violent attack, but Josh Lewis suffered a stab wound to the back, which was deep enough to cause a collapsed lung.

Even with such a gory altercation, the pizzaman does not falter, realizing that he still had one last order to complete, he chooses to make his final delivery before checking himself into the hospital.  Some could call this an act of bravery, others maybe stupidity, but one thing is for certain: Josh Lewis takes his delivery commitment very seriously.

Mr. Lewis’ final delivery didn’t involve him driving for ten minutes while he bled all over his car with a knife sticking out of his back, dropping off the pizzas, and then driving to the nearest hospital.  His last delivery just so happened to be at Norton Hospital, so he killed two birds with one stone.  The only slight problem with his plan was that Norton Hospital doesn’t have an E.R., so he actually had to be transported shortly after his delivery to Louisville University’s hospital for surgery.

He may have not have been close to his death bed, but his boss was touched by the event, saying that he’s sad to see something like this happen to him because he’s such a sweet kid.  He’s currently trying to help Josh and his family deal with the new medical debt that has been taken on from this attack.

Photo via WLKY TV News