A “hard landing” at a small airport in has brought a half million dollars in cash and 32 jars of cannabis extract to the attention of law enforcement in Riverside County, California.

At first, authorities were alerted for a distress call and possible plane crash. A cessna plane took a digger when landing at Banning Municipal Airport, hitting a fence and then tipping its nose. A Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson told The Press-Enterprise that the pilot was not seriously hurt, but a mugshot reveals he suffered at least a superficial smash in the face from the landing.

But that pilot might be hurting a little more than his bruises let on. When coming to his assistance, local law enforcement discovered a whole lot of money and hash. That’s when Alex Furman, a 24 year-old from Corona, was arrested and charged with a felony for possession of more than $100,000 obtained from the sale, transportation or manufacture of a controlled substance. In addition, Furman was charged with two misdemeanors for transporting cannabis for sale, as well as simple possession.

In more bad news for the pilot, the case has been turned over from the local district attorney’s office to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. DEA agents were called to the scene of the landing at Furman’s arrest. The hash transporter’s bail was originally set at $1 million, but bail was then withdrawn, since authorities started to wonder if a pilot who carries a half million dollars in cash might be able to get that money on the quick and then just fly his ass away from the courts.

But this is all an especially sucky turn of events for Furman, who only days before the hard landing was Instagramming weed jokes from the cockpit of his plane and posting libertarian memes on his Facebook timeline. One particularly tragic phrase from his IG feed: “You could say things are going pretty well for me.” 24 and living your life ten thousand feet up, loaded with cash and hash. Sounds pretty good. If only he hadn’t taken a digger at that airport.

Photo via Flickr user Andres Rodriguez