A Floridian dab-enthusiast is likely singing the blues today. Of all the ways to get caught with hash oil in one of America’s less 420-friendly states, Guillermo A. Cava-Nunez probably has one of the lamest, but it’ll still make a good story. The 20 year-old was just trying to play some Pokémon Go with his girlfriend.

Two deputies with the Sarasota County Sheriff’s office discovered Cava-Nunez parked in his car a little after midnight on Monday morning. According to the sheriff’s office, they approached the car to tell its occupant that the park was closed. Cava-Nunez said he didn’t know that. Then, reportedly, one of the deputies smelled marijuana in the car and asked the man to get out of his car.

There’s little information on how good a Pokémon player Cava-Nunez was, but if he was half as good at collecting pocket monsters as he was at collecting narcotics, that boy’s the LeBron of the Poké world. According to the sheriff’s office, though Cava-Nunez initially denied having any contraband in his vehicle, the long arm of the law eventually broke him down. In the words of an arrest report excerpt printed in the Sarasota Patch: “He became extremely nervous and then asked if he could tell me where everything was and what I would find.”

Once deputies gained access to the car, they found three bags of cannabis flower, two bags of Xanax, a teener of cocaine in his wallet, and an oil rig case in his backseat, complete with two plastic cases of concentrate and, in the words of the Herald-Tribune, “a utensil to ‘dab it out.’” Two other containers found in the vehicle were labeled “Canna Medical Edibles” and “Cannabliss Co. Prem Nug Shatter.”

The man is being held in the Sarasota County Jail on an $11,500 bail. The real tragedy? Cava-Nunez didn’t even get to play any Pokémon Go in the park that night. He said he was waiting for his girlfriend to arrive before he got started. So, his plan was to play Pokémon with his girlfriend in a park at night with weed, hash, cocaine, and Xanax, which sounds like a really amazing date. The cops could have given him some leniency for at least being romantic.