In New York City, reports show that there were 9 more homicides between the months of January and February when compared to last year. Bill Bratton, Chief of Police blames this increase on marijuana.

Robert Boyce, Chief of Detectives also believes that the surge in murders is because of pot related robberies from rip-off dealers, and that these are largely responsible for the increase of crime.

Over the past few years, marijuana has become decriminalised and, on top of this, Michael Bloomberg issued an order eliminating jail time for those who have been convicted of a low-level possession crime in the year 2013. Undercover investigations have declined and medical marijuana was legalized last year.

Former policies have not yet been completely reversed, though, as there were more arrests during Mayor de Blasio’s first year in office than there were when the state was under the leadership of Bloomberg.

Even though there has been a recent spike in homicides, serious crime has actually dropped by over 11% over the last 2 months. Crime hasn’t been this low since the 1990’s, so there are certainly mixed views on the subject from Mayor de Blasio, Bratton and Bloomberg.