The Nebraska State Patrol got a surprising call Friday when someone alerted them to the fact that they’d lost a package off the back of their flatbed trailer near Odessa. Surprising because it turned out the package consisted of illegal cannabis.

When troopers located the truck that was light on its nug haul, they found that it was being towed and that the truck’s undercarriage contained additional packages of marijuana. All told, the truck’s cannabis freight weighed in at a total of 122 pounds, a $366,000 street value, according to the Associated Press. The truck’s driver and his passenger were then arrested on suspicion of possession for sale and formally charged.

Most of this incident is business as usual for local authorities. I-80 is a known route for cannabis traffickers smuggling in the plant from other states. Only the week before, the NSP seized 526 pounds of marijuana during a traffic stop, according to 1011 Now. (Authorities even gave these traffickers an additional charge for failing to carry a drug tax stamp on their contraband.)

These kinds of stops are so popular, in fact, that they’ve created a sort of cottage industry for defense attorneys in the area. At least two lawyers advertise their services specifically for those busted along Interstate 80.

What sets Friday’s bust apart is the traffickers’ bold (though maybe misguided) move of calling the authorities yourself to help them find the cannabis being trafficked.

This was so unusual that it even got the NSP looking for LOLs on their social media. “Today’s hint: if you are carrying over 120 pounds of marijuana, pack it so that it doesn’t fall out while driving down the interstate,” The Nebraska State Patrol Troop C tweeted, as reported by High Times. “Luckily someone called us so we could reunite them with their lost packages.”

Photo via Flickr user irene.