Police in Anchorage, Alaska have given out several search warrants at Charlo Greene’s Club after they found out there could be illegal marijuana sales happening there. The police also impounded a Jeep Liberty and a Dodge Dakota. Greene is a former reporter who gained plenty of publicity when she quit her job live and on air. She then announced that she was going to become an advocate for marijuana in Alaska. Greene’s legal name is Charlene Egbe and she has recently told KVTA that the club is also a medical marijuana dispensary. She also stated that the club doesn’t sell marijuana for recreational use and they don’t sell medical marijuana either. She says that the club is a place where people can go and share the cannabis they already have.

The club is designed for those who have a medical marijuana card. She says that she has seen patrons with some plants, bongs and pipes and that is pretty much all that happens. The club has reopened, less than 24 hours after the raid. Greene believes that by reopening the club so soon after the scare tactics, she can prove that she has no plans of going anywhere.

Greene also went on to say in a recent interview that she was incensed that the police decided to put a warrant on her club instead of dealing with a stabbing and a shooting that happened in close proximity to the club a few hours before.

Voters in Alaska have approved a ballot which legalizes the recreational use of pot but it is still illegal to actually sell the drug.