Blunts and outrage have been sparked after police searched a stage four cancer patient’s hospital room for marijuana. After the patient captured the incident on Facebook Live, the video was posted to YouTube, and went viral with almost a million views so far (not exactly PewDiePie numbers, but pretty good).

Nolan Sousley, a patient suffering from stage 4 pancreatic cancer, was in his room in Citizens Memorial Hospital in Bolivar, Missouri when local law enforcement entered and began to search his bags.

In the video a doctor enters and asks the police, politely, what the hell they’re doing there?

“Do you have the right to search his stuff? Or do you need a warrant for that?” she asks. 

She is told that police have a right to search his things because he’s on private property. We’re not lawyers, but we’re pretty sure “being on private property” doesn’t give police the right to search squat, unless the hospital gave them permission.

The police didn’t actually find any weed or make any arrests, and actually nothing really happened at all except that a lot of people got upset at each other. However, the incident serves as an example of the absurdity of cannabis laws in some states.

Missouri has actually passed a legal medical marijuana program, but  it hasn’t been put into effect yet. As Sousley says in the video, state regulators “just hasn’t finished the paperwork yet.”

The website of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services says that the state is still a few steps away from giving MMJ the go ahead, and the hope right now is to have it in place by January of next year.

Photo via Flickr user Dank Depot