PornHub and YouPorn experienced huge surges in traffic after the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl, according to a report in The Independent. Traffic to the site had plummeted during the game, but afterwards Patriots fans decided to celebrate the big win by visiting the sites. Traffic had increased by over 33%, way above normal levels with it levelling out again around 1am local time. Even though fans in Seattle experienced the same drop in porn traffic, not many of them were in a good enough mood to take to the site after the game had finished. The traffic itself only rose to around 14% and after the game had ended and quickly decreased.

Traffic from both areas went up during the Katy Perry halftime show, dropping off again when the third quarter had begun. In Arizona, the hosts of the game saw the very same pattern, even though the Cardinals didn’t actually make it into the Super Bowl. According to PornHub, this often happens and the last time it did was during the World Cup.

Traffic was not far from last year’s percentages; however more people in Seattle stayed on the site last year. 61% of the traffic dropped last year during a peak fall, however it was only at 56% this year. Even so, the rest of the world didn’t show much interest at all in the Super Bowl with the traffic being affected very little even at the largest peak times in the US and Canada.

PornHub and YouPorn’s traffic has now returned to normal. Who knew people jacked off more than twice as much to celebrate as they do to console themselves.