The cannabis industry has undergone a major boom that has spawned thousands of jobs. It has also helped to bring around a new technology. Software companies are starting to adapt and new ones are coming out of the shadows all the time. Business owners are now at ground zero for these new products. It isn’t just the weed businesses that need to meet complex cannabis legislations. Each state is unique, and therefore they all have their own legislations. This means that there isn’t one software that fits all, so businesses are now working hard to develop the personalised seed to sale programs that the states require.

Franwell started off as a berry-tracking software company. They have over 20 years of experience tracking fresh fruit, and they were told that Colorado is taking bids from companies to track their marijuana for them. Franwell won the bid and now they are faced with one of the largest challenges they have ever faced; continually keeping up to date with all the regulation changes. The owner has stated that she has had to make 14 adjustments in the first 6 months. As they want to work with new states, they will have to change it again and again until it meets their exact requirements. A bonus for Franwell is that Microsoft hasn’t decided to jump on the bandwagon as of yet.

MJ Freeway launched because it was needed. Jessica Billingsley is a co-founder of the company and she has said that she invested in the business. She was given the task of choosing what software will be used. That is when she and Amy Poinsett decided that they needed to make their own platform that would track every single bit of pot and every last dollar. Now they have over 1,000 licenses in over 19 states. They have translated their software into Spanish and they are looking at international markets.