Oklahoma and Nebraska are filing lawsuits against Colorado for its laws regarding marijuana. A second suit against Colorado is being filed by an anti-drug group called Safe Streets Alliance. The suit has not yet been made public; however a news release regarding the complaint has surfaced. The news release has stated that the group have spelt the word “marijuana” as “marajuana”.  Pro cannabis activists are taking this challenge very seriously and they have scheduled a press conference which will condemn the effort just over an hour before it is formally touted.

In January, the SSA created an online petition which asked Barack Obama to endorse federal drug laws which specifically target Colorado. The petition goes on to say Colorado is putting people at risk every single day and that children are the most vulnerable to its evils.

The alliance’s suit is a simple escalation of the campaign, which is currently set against liberalizing marijuana laws. The group is set to have a press conference which spotlights the complaint.

For these suits to be successful, Safe Streets will need to prove that they are an injured party, which will be very difficult, seeing as they are over half a continent away.

Their complaints may hope to prevent or slow legalization in other states, but it seems just as likely that they are a ploy to generate publicity for the Safe Streets Alliance group.