Ever think it was possible that a strain of medical marijuana could be recalled? Well, believe it or not, that’s exactly what recently took place in Canada. According to the laws in Canada, as of April 2014, medical marijuana patients are no longer allowed to grow their own medicinals. The only way they can acquire it is through government approved cultivators and distributors who regulate and ultimately control the market. There are only twelve of these providers in the entire country and one of them named Greenleaf Medicinals based out of Nanaimo, British Columbia had to recall its strain of Purple Kush from batch number PK-10-20-13 after an inspection by the health department citing their production practices last April.

Health Canada said in a public statement posted on their website on April 18th, two days before the cannabis culture’s biggest celebration of 4/20, that they had detected problems with Greenleaf Medicinals’ cultivation of this certain strain of purple kush and then also went on to say that this could be because they found pesticides being used or problems with production conditions and health standards.

Although, they have yet to mention any harmful side effects that could take place if a patient was to consume this particular strain of purple kush, the federalized Canadian health agency did provide a suggested method to dispose of the recalled medical marijuana suggesting that patients mix it up with cat litter in order to mask the odor and then dispose of it in the garbage.

Consumption and possession of marijuana is still illegal throughout the nation of Canada unless you have a medical license authorized by an approved physician. Is this just another bump in the road for the medicinal cannabis industry or a warning sign for both patients and the government agencies that sometimes go too far trying to regulate their medicine?

Parker Winship