Since marijuana has been legalised, an entire industry has risen. This isn’t just a marketplace for weed, but also the accessories that accompany it. Out of the thousands of websites that there are out there, only a few will survive into the mainstream years of pot. Weed maps is the premiere site designed to list dispensaries and cannabis sources across the USA. Justin Hartfield, the creator, saw a gap in the market, and he took it upon himself to fill it. He then went on to establish a strong concept for online cannabis.

So how did he start his own ambition?

He tried his first weed when he was 18 years old, and it really did change his life. He set up his own business at the age of 22, when he acquired his MMJ card. He then took it upon himself to try some of the finest weed out there, broadening his horizons as well as delving into a whole new side of pot smoking. He did however find it difficult to find pot dispensers, seeing as there was no real mapping out there that told you where they were. He then set up, a website which allows you to search for the top dispensers out there. After purchasing, the world’s oldest pot news site for $4.2m, he has really made a name for himself with posts dating back to 1971.
State Legalisation & Weed Maps

Since state legalization in Washington and Colorado, Weed Maps has experienced a surge in visitors. In fact, the total increase was by over 40%. There has also been a significant spike from people in Chicago, as well as New York as they legalised medicinal marijuana in July. It may take some time for every state to legalise marijuana, but Weed Maps have certainly helped thousands of weed smokers get their fill.