Over 2000 plants were found at a marijuana factory in Santa Ana on Wednesday, according to NBC. It has been reported that the police received a tip about the factory, which contained over 13 rooms full of plants of various sizes. Suspicions were raised when a transformer that provided power to the premises blew up on Tuesday, and so the power was cut for many local businesses in the area. When police found the source of the outage, they noticed that there were over 12 air conditioning units located outside and this raised suspicions. After reporting the feedback to the base, officers then decided to raid the premises in an attempt to catch the perpetrators in the act.

They infiltrated the building by smashing the front window when they found that nobody was answering the front door. After gaining access to the building, they noticed thousands of plants that were fully serviced with lighting and automatic watering features. The outside of the building had a notice which listed it as an aeroplane parts building, and so the disguise was enough to hide it for this long.

Even though the building clearly contained marijuana, no arrests have been made at this time. Police investigators are currently trying to find local distributors in an attempt to find the owners of the factory plantation, following leads that will hopefully lead them to the property owners. Legal action may be taken upon these owners when they have been found, and police are also attempting to trace the owner of the building to find any connection between them and the plants inside.

The police were still trying to find the owners on Thursday morning, and no further reports have been made since the initial discovery of the factory itself.h