Many are still trying to figure out what the new code of conduct is for smoking weed while social distancing and avoiding transmission during the coronavirus pandemic. While some aspects of safe toking still need to be sussed out, I think we can all agree on at least one new rule: don’t smoke joints that were licked by strangers.

That is precisely why the state of Michigan has issued a recall order on nearly fifty different pre-roll products. The move comes after a report that the joints in question were licked by an employee at the cannabis manufacturing company 3843 Euclid LLC out of Bay City.

bulletinreleased by Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) says that the agency has been investigating the facility since July 31 “due to a confirmed complaint regarding pre-rolls contaminated with human saliva.”

The MRA’s report includes a full list of all dispensaries where it believes the contaminated products have been distributed, serial numbers for all products affected by the recall, and warns that “Consumers who have these contaminated pre-rolls in their possession should return them to the provisioning center or retailer where they were purchased for proper disposal.”

The bulletin does not specify if there is any reason to think that the person who licked the saliva was infected by the novel coronavirus. However, it does ask that “Consumers who have experienced symptoms after using these products should report their symptoms and product use to their physician. Consumers are requested to report any adverse product reactions to the MRA…”

While there is no firm consensus yet about how long the novel coronavirus lasts on surfaces, laboratory tests indicate that it can survive up to four days on paper.

3843 Euclid’s license, which was issued by the MRA, has been suspended for 14 days pending the investigation. The company has informed the agency that it voluntarily stopped all productions as of July 31. According to the bulletin, the “MRA investigation is still ongoing and may result in additional future recalls.”

Photo via Flickr/Martin Alonso