Most Americans can recall that Bill Clinton once talked about never inhaling, but they don’t realize that Clinton actually had a preference for eating pot brownies. A surprising amount of American leaders have actually tried weed before and talked about their love of it. Here are some remarkable weed quotes that you may not believe.

#1. Barack Obama. Obama talked about his use of marijuana and other drugs during his first Presidential campaign while serving as a Senator from Illinois. “When I was a kid,” Obama wrote, “I inhaled frequently. That was the point.” Maybe that’s why he’s one of the most amicable leaders America has ever seen.

#2. George W. Bush. Enjoying a little weed isn’t just for the Democrats. George W. Bush often spoke of his days using cocaine, but he also thoroughly enjoyed marijuana. How do we know this? “I wouldn’t answer questions about marijuana,” Bush is said to have told his autobiographer. “I just didn’t want some little kid doing the same things I tried.

#3. John F. Kennedy. If anyone was the poster child for medical marijuana use, it would be this famous American leader. He often had severe back pain and the only thing that would cure it would be a puff or three. In one famous session, he smoked three joints in a row. “Wonder what would happen if the Russians tried something now,” he’s rumored to have told a Washington Post reporter… who was smoking with him.

Until the War on Drugs started in the mid-20th century, just about everyone used weed. It was legal, considered beneficial, and was thought to encourage creativity. These weed quotes are proof that it is stigma more than concern that drives contempt for marijuana today.