Jeffrey Mizanskey was sentenced to life in a Missouri prison without any possibility of parole. The reason for the sentence? In December 1993, Mizanskey was discovered to be in possession of 5 pounds of pot. His arrest didn’t involve any violence, weapons, or other extenuating factors. He was just giving a ride to a friend who had arranged to purchase 7 pounds of pot with Mizanskey’s knowledge.

No Jail Time, But 3 Drug Felonies

Mizanskey had never been in jail and had never committed a violent crime in the past. The life sentence came about because of a 3 strikes law regarding prior and persistent drug offenses in Missouri. Mizanskey’s family sought clemency or a pardon, but received a commutation instead.

What does this mean? Instead of getting out of jail, Mizanskey will now become immediately eligible for parole. He will have to plead his case before a parole board. There is no guarantee that he will get out of prison, where he has served 20+ years for being in possession of pot.

Does Jeff Mizanskey Even Have a Chance?

Experts believe that his chances for parole are good. The Riverfront Times reports that Mizanskey has only received two write-ups during his two decade stint in prison. One was for having a messy floor and the other was for delivering mail to the wrong slot.

Mizanskey is expected to have his parole hearing some time this Summer. It will take up to 6 weeks for him to know what the board’s decision will be after the hearing is concluded.