One of the most difficult things for cannabis legalization advocates and petitioners to deal with – almost ad nauseum – is the feeling from the other side of the fence that hippy stoners and freeloaders are the only ones smoking weed and they are neither serious nor should they be taken as such.

On top of making the factual, science-based arguments that are necessary and important, pro-weeders are constantly forced to combat a juvenile image of crusty “festi” types jamming out and and not having a care in the world.

Most of the real members of the movement are working hard at fighting the image. And then, there’s this guy.

When appearing on a South African news program to debate the legal weed issue, rather than attempting to form any semblance of a point, the man on the screen touting weed formed a joint instead. Or smoked one, in what is a blatantly obvious attempt to sensationalize the moment and most assuredly himself as well. We’re half-surprised he didn’t try to do his best Paul Hogan. “Now that’s a joint.”

So he didn’t help the cause. But he did go viral. And he will have a meme. And he does look like a boss. So, you know, good on you.