For being a pretty new industry, the extract game already has enough history to fill a book – one of those big heavy ones you have to set on a table to read and comes with a little ribbon to hold your place. And of all the turny-twisty stories of concentrate companies out there, Papa Bear Extracts has one of the turniest-twistiest.

For starters, there are actually two different companies called Papa Bear Extracts. Our guys, the guys we’re writing this article about, are @papabearextracts_ie. Of the other Papa Bear, our guy says, “… we are two separate entities that were one. At one point in time. We don’t agree on business tactics. So. We don’t work to we’ll together.”

Beside that, there are other Papa Bears in the same fam as our guys, including Papa Bear Florida and Papa Bear East Coast. And then, since our guys’ reputation is so solid, extractors completely unrelated to any of the Papa Bears we’ve mentioned have started putting out cheap knockoff Papa Bear shatter in plastic baggies with a Xerox of the company logo.

But imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and that flattery is well-earned. Papa Bear (our Papa Bear) is dabbed on by Issa Gold, Dizzy Wright and anybody who likes terpy medicine. They been at it 13 years, since before most dabaholics had ever even seen hash oil, powered through a business and a legal system that’s not for the thin-skinned and is going forward with a process that runs almost non-stop and is angling to be full on legal after the expected 2016 ballot in California.

We were lucky enough to get old Papa Bear himself to talk about grinding, thriving, and standing out in a world full of Papa Bears.


Super Vitamin C

What’s your favorite wax that you make or have made?

WiFi. Or Presidential Butter. Lol.

What solvents do you use and why?

N-Tane. Clean and safe.

What equipment does your lab consist of and how many people operate it?

3 people operate. I have a BHOgart running 16 hours a day, 6 days a week.

What do you look for in great hash?

Consistency. Aroma. High grade medicinal value.

What was the biggest obstacle you’ve ever faced and how did you get past it?

Biggest obstacle to date, losing my mother June 11 this year. I went to the grindstone and put in overtime. I make medicine cause I am a patient. My mother and grandmother were also. I hated they took so many pills. Because of teir medical issue and I knew a high grade would medicine would kill the pain easier than the pills and the addiction that the doctors give.


Papa Bear’s list of strains to run, beneath a parchment and slab

When did you start to feel like you were really good at this?

About 13 years ago I started making concentrates, after many trials and tribulations. Within the last 2 years, I have started showing full potential and learned more of the medicinal purpose of concentrates.

What’s your next major goal?

Next goal in business is to be on the forefront of extracts legalized in California. For us guys who process it.

What was it like the first time you dabbed?

First time I dabbed I think I lost my mind. I was in a car accident at very young age and doctors damn near hand fed me pills. I got my first taste of wax and thru down the pills.

What do you wake up in the morning thinking about?

Work. Lol. This isn’t for fun like it was so many years ago. This has turned into work and something I love to do. So I wake up, check my ovens, flip my slabs, and start doing research on products.

Who is your favorite extract collaborator or competitor?

Bret Maverick.

What’s the most important question facing the cannabis business right now?

Most important think is where there is safe access to get meds in CA. The city and state can’t figure out their own rules. And we as state, we’re on the forefront of medicinal marijuana. Makes no sense how other states have figured out full legalization for MMJ and CA can’t.

Also, other most important thing is corporate tobacco companies gonna come into our industry and take away one of the only businesses that’s usually family ran left in America? Do you really wanna smoke Marlboro OG joints? Lol.

Where can people find your product?

You can find my product at many dispensaries in the Inland Empire and the Los Angeles area also.

150728B Papa

By Aaron Brooks

All images from Papa Bear Extract’s IG