Considering that dabbing is a global phenom, we don’t cover nearly enough of what’s getting vaped and blasted on all sides of the Seven Seas. Which is why it was such a great change of pace to cathc up with Team 10 Extracts for a few minutes of keen wax wisdom.

Who better to give us the skinny on dab life abroad than the British gents who took First Place Overall at this year’s Secret Cup Barcelona and treated visiting American royalty Action Bronson to some dabs which he then endorsed on Instagram?

We gave Team 10 our ear and they gave us their thoughts on favorite solvents, Spanish hash culture, and acquiring a taste for dabs.

  1. What’s your favorite wax that you make or have made?

Favorite shatter I make is Headbanger [recent First Place winner at Barcelona Secret Cup], a strain from Karma Genetics. It’s a Sour D IBL x Biker V2.

  1. Which solvents do you prefer and why?

I use butane for a higher concentrate level.

  1. What was the biggest obstacle you’ve ever faced and how did you get past it?

Been a few obstacles. I’d say my latest challenge was winning the Secret Cup in Barcelona. The competition was real strong.

  1. When did you start to feel like you were really good at this?

I think the last 2 years the game has developed for everyone but I’d say from the last 2 years my technique improved. If you don’t have a passion for something, you’ll never be that good at it no matter what it is.

  1. Where do you think your business will be in 2 years?

In 2 years I hope to be medicating people that really need medicine. Being from the UK, I’d like to see our product out there medicinally and recreationally in most dispensaries.

team1016.  If you had a career in another industry, what would it be?

This industry is the only thing I live for. I’ll never have a 2nd doubt.

7. What was it like the first time you dabbed?

First time I got dabbed I never enjoyed it. I had my head in my hands crying from my nostrils. Took a while to build that tolerance and get those temps right. Maybe those red hot nails never helped.

8. What do you wake up in the morning thinking about?

I wake up thinking about hash. Wheter it’s errl, IWE, rosin, dry sift, I’m always eager.

9. Who is your favorite competitor?

That’s a hard question. I have a lot of homies who extract so I can’t say one and not the other. In the UK there’s only a handful of us.

10. What’s the most important question facing the cannabis business right now?

I think we all want legalization. Free the plant. When will they free the plant?

11. Where can people find your product?

My product is now available in Spain at the Honey Bud Collective in Malaga. I’m also in between getting it to the social clubs in Barcelona.


All photos via Team 10’s IG