OK OK OK .. Yes we know Raekwon may be a little old but we think that the hiphop game may need him, with Wayne having problems with his label and Diddy knocking out Drake – by the way one of our favorite artist.

We have word that Raekwon has finally announced a release date for his solo album F.I.L.A. After many delays and long gestation period, Raekwon‘s Fly International Luxurious Art finally has a release date. Rae went on Twitter recently to show off a promo image for F.I.L.A. and announce the release date as April 28th.

Now we know that depending on your age you might not think twice on downloading this album because we think it may get 3.5 mics out of 5. I’d rather listen to Raekwom than 98.9% of the rappers out there now. This veteran Wu-Tang Clan member has gained a lot of respect in the NYC area for years with good reason.  Now all we can do as fans is sit here and wait.