20 Presidential hopefuls were recently listed in a voter guide by the Marijuana Policy Project. Sen. Rand Paul from Kentucky was declared the most weed-friendly; the Senator scored an “A-” as a bud to the buds, a result of his support of various pro-marijuana bills — including his co-sponsoring of this year’s proposed historic senate legislation, the CARERS Act.

GOP candidates Chris Christie and Rick Santorum both scored an “F” due to their support of prohibition laws.

On the Republican side, Former Texas Governor Rick Perry has the second best score with a “B,” which the group cited was the result of his support to reduce penalties for marijuana possession.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton scored a “B-” due to her support of research into medical marijuana. Vice President Biden didn’t do as well. He scored a “D” due to his support of mandatory minimum sentencing for marijuana offenders, as well as his spearheading of legislation to create a federal drug czar.

“Some of these guys who tout states’ rights, fiscal responsibility, and getting the government out of people’s private lives want to use federal tax dollars to punish adults for using marijuana in states that have made it legal,” said Mason Tvert, a spokesperson for the group. “They say using marijuana is immoral or just too dangerous to allow, but serve alcohol, a more dangerous substance, at their fundraisers. The hypocrisy is astonishing.”

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Photo via Wikimedia